Metta College’s diploma courses are affiliated by ICNM, and is a co-founder of TTYMA (Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Association), the first association of its kind in the UK.

The primary basis of our trainings is to encourage mindful practice based on a meditative presence which takes Thai Yoga Massage beyond the limitations of a technical approach. Thai Yoga Massage allows for a rebalancing of the nervous system, a time for the mind and body to rest and recuperate. This is achieved through a unique combination of acupressure on ten primary energy lines on the body, known as the ‘Ten Sen’, along with applied hatha yoga stretches. This combination releases blocked energy thus restoring health and wellbeing.

The energy line system is unseen, but in Eastern healing practices blockages in the lines are perceived to be the root of dis-ease. From a Western anatomical perspective, these lines run along muscles and bones and overlap tendons, ligaments and fascia. The energy and anatomy body are not separate – they are interconnected – and working on one area will inevitably affect the other with the overall benefits of enabling a free flow of prana – ‘life force’ / ‘breath’ / ‘energy’.

Amy Ku Redler – Managing Director and Senior Teacher
Amy has 25 year’s experience as Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.Copy of Profile4 She trained with a Lahu village with Asokananda in Thailand and went on to found Metta in 1999. She has since trained extensively in both Eastern and Western forms of Mindful practices, Psychology & Counselling, and Anatomy. She has been teaching Yoga for 18 years, having trained with Mary Stewart, and Pilates with Anne-Marie Zulkari. She is currently studying an MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, and undertaking further Mindfulness training with Breathworks in Pain Management. She has worked many people with a wide range of body-mind issues and her key interest is enhancing the quality of daily living.

Jane Newman – Experienced Teacher and Practitioner
Jane is based in Brighton and has been a Thai Massage Therapist since 2003. She is pleased to be part of the Metta team offering one-to-ones in the Sussex area.

Initially Jane trained with Asokananda in the Lahu Village, a life changing time which inspired her to gain skills from many teachers and to embark on a new career. This also gave her the opportunity to assist Amy on Diploma and Advanced Thai Yoga Massage courses.

Jane works as part of an integrated health service with NHS GP’s and other Complimentary Health practitioners in Brighton and at a sports and leisure centre in Haywards Heath. She is also an Advanced Clinic Massage Therapist and Reflexologist who works with great sensitivity addressing any areas of pain and helping clients manage stress and anxiety.

She also enjoys taking her work out of the treatment room with experiences as diverse as working in addiction services, with adults and children with learning disabilities and at the Children’s Hospital, mixing work with her own interests , and she has provided massage during Yoga and Meditation retreats. Recently she has been enjoying the playfulness of Acroyoga which incorporates elements of Thai Massage, trust and communication.

Dev Basu – Assistant Tutor
Dev is a qualified Thai Yoga Masseur and has been interested inDevBasu the Eastern Healing Arts fora considerable part of his life, after discovering the transformative powers of Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung in his early twenties. He began regular daily practice of Tai Chi to ease his long suffering Asthma symptoms and this inspired him to study the healing art of Shiatsu massage in 1999.

After receiving a Thai Yoga massage from a friend in 2011 he instantly knew that the creative stretches combined with powerful energy work was for him and as soon as he returned to London he signed up to study for a Thai Yoga Massage Diploma with Metta commencing in 2012.As well as running a private Thai Yoga Massage practice in South London, Dev is furthering his skills as a therapist by currently studying a BTech Level 5 in Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy.

Dev is also a Tai Chi / Chi Kung Instructor and a meditation practitioner. After witnessing the transformative powers of all of these disciplines and healing arts on his own mind, body and spirit he is very passionate to help others discover these treasures, to assist them to grow and to live a life full of purpose, compassion and optimum health.

Clara Sheppard – Assistant Tutor
Clara Sheppard has been a wellness and beauty practitioner for ClaraSheppard the past 14 years. She has studied the knowledge and skills in the wellbeing industry from both western and ancient eastern practices. From 2014 to 2015, Clara undertook a one-year trip away to study about beauty, health, bodywork, mindfulness and yoga in numerous countries, from India, Thailand, China, and Japan, through to South America.
Clara is a passionate yoga instructor and a martial arts enthusiast and whilst on her travels spent a number of months both in China and India with Monks and Swamis to increase her knowledge from the traditional linage of health and wellbeing.

Late 2014 Clara was introduced to Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai and instantly grasped its healing and spiritual benefits, it was then that Clara decided to train at the spiritual home of Thai Yoga Massage in Lahu Village, Thailand.
On her return to the UK in 2015 Clara continued her studies at Metta College to obtain a practitioners certificate, she has been practicing Thai Yoga Massage ever since and we are delighted to have her on board as part of the Metta College team.

Bev Croft – Assistant Tutor
Bev began learning Thai Massage in 2010 and has since beenbewcroft lucky to have the time to studyextensively in Thailand and Europe. Thai massage has been a gift to her life and she believes passionately in its transformative power. She did her bridging course and exam with Metta in 2012 and now assists Amy on the diploma trainings. She is a valued member of the team and we are lucky to have her. Bev has a practice in Whitstable, Kent and has assisted in London and with the Sunshine network in Thailand. Her purpose is to connect more with her body and to facilitate others to do the same. She also runs a freestyle dance group.

Beth Monday – Admin support
Beth is a highly valued member of the team. bethShe is creative, coming from a design background, yet practical and a great lateral thinker. We have a lot of fun while getting jobs done and Metta would go nowhere without her!

Matt Bourne – IT support
Matt is a Web Developer with lots of experience using a range of frameworks. He has worked extensively developing IT systems in the public and private sector including for the NHS, social care in the public sector, local authorities, the film industry, design and fashion companies. He is Metta’s technical man!

If you are interested in working with Metta please email us with your area of interest and CV: [email protected].